I LumoS 8x16mm RED Flexible IP65 Dimmable Double Sided LED Neon Strip Light 12V DC 9W/m

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I LumoS 16mm RED Flexible IP65 Waterproof* Dimmable LED Neon Strip Light 12V DC 9W/m has a translucent High quality Silicone cover that offers uniform light and performs better than the standard Strip lights with visible individual LED Chips. Because it's so flexible, its installation is simple and doesn't require any specific tools, allowing it to adapted it to all sorts of corners, logos, signs, etc. The Waterproof feature of the Light makes it ideal for Indoor and Outdoor* use.
Silicone cover has a high quality finish that offers a longer life than standard PVC covers. You can rest assured that the Silicone cover will last longer and not discolour like PVC covers
I LumoS 16mm RED LED Neon Strip Light comes with a 12V Lead as standard which can be used directly wih 12V system or can be connected to a 12V DC to 230V AC transformer for mains use but can also be controlled by any LED compatible Light switch including I LumoS Touch On/Off and Dimmer Light switches.
All I LumoS Products are Designed and Assembled in the UK and are Installed using Standard Wiring.
This LED light with its neon effect and flexible composition has a visually attractive and innovative design that's perfect for any Home, Office or Commercial Setting . They have a high level of versatility that allows you to bend and shape the light into almost any shape or form

*For outdoor use, Waterproof Sealant or Waterproof casing must be used on the Plug Connection and the End Cap to protect Strip against water damage. Incorrect Ingress Protection will void the warranty. Please contact us us for outdoor use assistance.