Product Guide


This guide shows our dimensions. The minimum size depends on the number of characters or the design itself. For more information, contact our customer care team at


We have 22 types of fonts to help with your personalised sign.
Fonts such as Goffik, QuantFh, Orbitron, Pervitina and Russian will be designed as an outline.


The image and video show the standard colours of our neon strip lights when turned off and in the dark

Flawless Green

Diamond Ice Blue

Boujee Blue

Royal Purple

Goddess Rose

Princess Pink

Scarlett Red

Foxy Orange

Honey Orange

Sunshine Yellow

Sunkissed White

Sugar White


We offer 2 options of thickness, our Classic font with a width of 6mm and our Bold font with a width of 8mm

Board Colours

Each sign has a board colour option

Clear Board

White Board

Black Board

Board Shape

Each sign has a board shape option

Cut to Shape

Whole Board

Connection type

We offer a choice between 3 connection types. The AC adaptor allows the sign to be plug-in all the time, which is an excellent option if you want your sign to be on for long periods, has zero additional cost if ordering with a sign. We also have two choices of battery packs available. The battery pack also has zero cost extra if ordered together with a sign, and the rechargeable battery pack has an additional charge of £29.99 when ordering together with a sign. Both batteries allow the sign to become mobile. The power cable has 1 meter in length. However, if you require a specific cable length, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer service at 

AC Adaptor

Battery Pack

 Rechargeable Battery Pack


Choose to add a Dimmer or a 9 Mode Remote Dimmer with your Order. Includes Flash and Fade Modes. The WIFI Controller enables Worldwide connection and dimming capability.

12V Black Dimmer

Remote Dimmer

12V Black Dimmer

Wi-Fi Controller

Wall Mount Kit

To have pre-drilled holes on your sign, you need to add the option 'pre-drilled holes only' with no extra cost on the options or add wall mount kit option  which cost an extra £4.99.

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